The Graduate School works to promote academic excellence; advocates on behalf of graduate students; and fosters community across all graduate programs. Services provided by the Graduate School to faculty, staff, students and the broader community include:

  • Promote graduate education at a local, state, national and international level.
  • Provide quality control for all aspects of graduate education and establish policies and standards that define good practice in all graduate programs.
  • Represent the interests of CU Boulder's graduate and professional programs with the State of Colorado, federal government, federal labs, industry partners and the broader community.
  • Work with UGGS and other student groups to promote the interests of graduate students in areas such as student stipends, health care and support services.
  • Provide strategic planning and vision for graduate education at CU Boulder.
  • Fundraising for graduate education.
  • Internationalization of the CU Boulder campus.
  • Curriculum development within graduate programs.
  • New degree and certificate development for graduate programs