Welcome to the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder. The Graduate School serves as the intellectual crossroads of the university, a place where we work to educate the next generation of teachers, scholars and researchers and to develop the fields of knowledge and research within which those leaders will pursue their work.

Over 5000 graduate students from around the world come to CU Boulder to work in over 100 programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees. We offer degrees in the full range of disciplines, and we also provide a number of opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary work, both in degree and certificate programs.

CU Boulder has long had a reputation for attracting some of the finest faculty in the world to work in its intellectually robust climate. Our moderate size as a Graduate School, combined with our outstanding faculty and our disciplinary and interdisciplinary sweep, provides a remarkable environment in which to pursue graduate work.

The University of Colorado Boulder is proud to be a world-class research institution—vigorous in its pursuit of new knowledge, great scholarship and service to the public and to the world. We welcome you to learn more about the Graduate School.