Published: May 24, 2018
Ryan Ruehlen photoI’m Ryan Wade Ruehlen, a PhD candidate in the intermedia art, writing & performance unit in the College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI). I am working on a project called Georhythmic Drift Music, which focuses on deep listening research and involves field experiments investigating VLF [very low frequency] radio emissions, unmanned aerial vehicles, and impromptu sound art performances transmitted to remote listening stations. Utilizing aerial technology as both a courier system and an “acoustic prosthetic” goes against the grain of current art practices and privileges the use of drones to capture the auditory potential of the atmosphere with the aid of extended antennas.
As an intermedia artist predominately working in sound, performance, and installation, I decided to come to CU Boulder for my master’s degree in fine arts in 2010 due to its strong visual art department, world-class research institutes, interdisciplinary faculty, and for the general lifestyle and environment of the Boulder area. I was accepted into a PhD program in 2015 and took the opportunity to work in a cutting edge, new program and to continue living in a place that I love.