Published: May 24, 2018
Ryan Harp 1I’m Ryan Harp, a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary atmospheric and oceanic sciences (ATOC) program. I am interested in societally relevant climate change impacts, as well as science policy and science communication. My research investigating the influence of climate variability, particularly temperature patterns on US violent crime rates, somehow has managed to fuse these two disparate topics together.
While the ATOC program performs world-class research, an even stronger motivation to attend CU was the friendly and welcoming faculty, staff, and students of the department. In addition to the resources offered by the school and department, the surrounding area is also a hotbed for atmospheric research, hosting several federal research centers, including NOAA and NCAR. Add in the city of Boulder itself, with its scenic backdrop and the plethora of outdoor opportunities available, and it was an easy decision.