Published: May 24, 2018
Justin Pomerance photoI’m Justin Pomerance, a PhD candidate in the marketing department. My research focuses on economic psychology and how people make financial decisions in their daily lives. One recent project asks why money can feel different if it's kept in different places (e.g. in a checking account, in physical cash, or in Venmo). For example, past research has found that paying in cash "hurts" more than paying with a credit card. We relate this past research to other work conducted at CU and expand it to be able to include sources of money such as Venmo. Having studied economics as an undergraduate, this research has been an enjoyable application of my life-long interest in economics and psychology.
I decided to come to CU because of the world-class opportunities for marketing research, because of the expertise in related disciplines (psychology and finance), and because it was a great fit for me and my fiancé. I've very much enjoyed my time here, and I've been lucky enough to work with a number of fantastic mentors in both teaching and research.
My favorite CU experience thus far has been submitting my first-ever, first-authored paper to a top journal. While the paper is still under review, the act of submitting felt like a fantastic step to take along with my advisor. A closely related experience is the unparalleled support I have received from so many of our faculty in the marketing department. We have a spectacular group in terms of both teaching and research, and I've very much enjoyed getting to be a part of it.