Published: May 24, 2018
Javier Munoz photoI’m Javier Muñoz, a PhD candidate in the Spanish and Portuguese department. My research focuses on twentieth and twenty-first century Latin American literature and cultural history with an emphasis in the Andean area and the Southern Cone.
I am particularly interested in the correlations and ties between traditional literary writing and information technologies such as photography and film. My dissertation, "Authorship, Intermediality, and Metafiction in Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Latin American Literature," examines metafictional devices and intermediality in five novels from Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Chile, written by José Eustasio Rivera, Mário de Andrade, José María Arguedas, Clarice Lispector and Roberto Bolaño. I argue that these novels participate in the public debate about industrialization and urbanization of Latin American societies by means of an in-depth questioning of dominant politics of representation. I claim that metafictional devices call attention to the unsettling of literary writing affected by such technologies as photography and film.