• Photo of a group of G-RAP students in Thailand

    G-RAP is happy to announce our Spring Break Global Experience Location for March of 2018: Thailand!

  • Flags by Annika Nissen
    Photo by Annika Nissen, International Photo Contest 2017
  • Photo of rolling hills by Ali Jehn
    Photo by Ali Jehn, International Photo Contest 2017
  • Photo of a dock by Derya Senol
    Photo by Derya Senol, International Photo Contest 2017
  • Amazing architecture captured by Meredith Beed
    Photo by Meredith Beed, International Photo Contest 2015

G-RAP sets itself apart from the other RAPs at CU Boulder by its avid promotion of education abroad opportunities. Global Seminars offered through G-RAP give our students the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the traditional classroom. Each spring break our Director, Dr. Artemi Romanov, leads a short Global Seminar to exotic locations including; Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Furthermore Dr. Romanov is the sponsor and professor on CU’s summer Global Seminar to St. Petersburg, Russia, each year. Each Global Seminar is different and exciting, and enthusiastic faculty members guide the itineraries. As a global themed residence hall at CU, G-RAP encourages students to consider learning abroad through semester and year-length education abroad programs.

G-RAP is excited to announce our Spring Break Global Experience will be in Thailand in March of 2018.

G-RAP Spring Break Global Experiences

Each spring semester, Director Artemi Romanov takes a group of G-RAP students to different exotic ocations around the world for 12 days. From Thailand, to Vietnam, to India, a variety of students have enjoyed their time abroad with Dr. Romanov. Traveling is an enriching experience, and G-RAP wants to share the world and all its knowledge with students. Amazing plans are always in the works, so where will G-RAP go next?

Photo of elephants in Indian city.India – March 2017

Director Artemi Romanov chose India as last year’s exotic location for the G-RAP Spring Break Global Experience. A group of eager G-RAP students joined Dr. Romanov on the 12-day adventure. They saw the Taj Mahal, visited the Chandela Dynasty Temples, and rode elephants at Amber Fort. Students were able to learn a vast amount about Indian culture, cuisine, and daily life. Spectacular photos showing students and Director Romanov exploring beautiful India can be seen in the gallery to the left.

Two students standing with ancient statue in VientamVietnam- March 2016

In the spring of 2016, a great adventure took place when Director Romanov led a group of G-RAP students to Vietnam. Students were able to explore different cultural sites, eat delicious local cuisine, and meet people from all different backgrounds. One student wrote the following about his experiences in Vietnam with G-RAP:

“As an International Affairs major with a focus on Latin America, the spring break trip to Vietnam offered by the G-RAP was an amazing way for me to see a new country that I never thought I would have visited before. Four of the other students and I were simultaneously taking a history of the Vietnam Wars class in the G-RAP at the time of the trip which allowed us to both understand the country we were going to better, and appreciate the history and culture even more. Every day we spent the morning touring the city that we were in seeing the most attractive religious and political sights, and by the afternoon we were free to explore as we pleased and follow our personal interests. I could not think of a better way to spend my freshman spring break than by joining this great group of people and experiencing a completely new world, trying new foods, and learning a different way of life.” – Henry Allen, member of G-RAP 2015-2016 


Photo of Buddhist Temple in ThailandThailand- March 17 – March 29, 2015

Director Artemi Romanov took a handful of G-RAP students to Thailand on a trip of a life time. They toured extravagant Buddhist temples, ruins, and sampled some of the best cuisine Thailand had to offer. This enriching cultural experience was definitely a trip to remember for these G-RAP students. A graduate of G-RAP and CU Boulder wrote this about his experiences in Thailand below:

"This was a very life transforming trip for me. As a History and English major here at CU, I study a lot of different cultures, but this was the first time that I was able to travel the world and experience the cultures first hand. People in Thailand are devoutly Buddhist and it was very humbling to witness many different sacred Buddhist temples and Buddhist ruins that are scattered throughout Thailand. One of my favorite relics that we visited was the Emerald Buddha Temple. When I walked into the temple I could feel the centuries of history radiating off of that magnificent piece of stone. This truly was a trip of a lifetime and I will cherish the memories that I created there for decades to come." – Aaron Miller, member of G-RAP 2013-2014


G-RAP Faculty-Led Summer Global Seminars

CU Boulder offers a variety of summer global seminars, and two are led by G-RAP faculty, Dr. Artemi Romanov and Dr. Carol Conzelman. The summer global seminars offer course credit and multiple weeks abroad. See below for more information about G-RAP faculty-led Summer Global Seminars. 

Students in Moscow, RussiaSt. Petersburg, Russia - May-June

Based in St. Petersburg, students earn nine credit hours during a six-week period. The Russian culture and language courses fill students’ time along with various field trips and cultural excursions. After morning classes, students have the opportunity to explore palaces, museums, churches, attend concerts and operas, and meet new people. This summer global seminar is led by Dr. Artemi Romanov, who is a native of St. Petersburg and Russian speaker. A past participant said, “Artemi Romanov was an amazing instructor. He had more knowledge on the area that one can imagine.”

Photo of students learning from local in BoliviaLa Paz, Bolivia - June

The enthusiastic and knowledgeable Dr. Carol Conzelman accompanies a group of CU students to the country of Bolivia during the month of June, every other year. This global seminar, lasting two and a half weeks, allows students to earn three upper division credit hours while they learn about democracy, life in the rural Andes Mountains, Bolivian history, Aymara culture, agriculture, and rural development. While in Bolivia, students will gain a unique perspective of the coffee industry, social movements in Latin America, and so much more. A past student wrote, “The course is very experiential and interactive. Everyday there are engaging discussions and you get to meet experts on topics that you study. You have your own research that you do, so you get to decide how you want the class to relate to your interests and can choose how in depth you want to study your topic. Coroico is a beautiful place with very welcoming people. The small town feel sets in quickly as you see people you know every day in the plaza or your favorite restaurant. It is better to know Spanish before you go so that you can get to know the locals on a deeper level.”