Shea McCarthy Headshot
Student Fellow


 Shea McCarthy is a Sophomore at the University of Colorado majoring in Anthropology and Psychology. Shea was a student in the Global Studies RAP her Freshman year. She decided to join the G-RAP because it offered classes related to her interests in cultures around the world. The Global Studies program has been one of Shea's best experiences at CU, and she was able to attend the program's trip in the Spring of 2022 where she traveled to Croatia, Slovenia, Venice, and Montenegro. Some of her other interests include being outside and working with animals. Shea attended a Global Seminar in the summer of 2022 where she was able to study the conservation of primates in Vietnam. This helped confirm her interest in pursuing conservation as a career in relation to primatology. Shea is also from Tennessee, so she understands the importance of finding a community in new places. With that in mind, Shea looks forward to assisting any and all students this academic year. 


Academic Standing/Major - Sophomore; Anthropology and Psychology 

Academic Skills - Research, fieldwork, writing, quantitative, time management 

GRAP Classes Taken - ANTH 2010 Introduction to Biological Anthropology 1; ANTH 2020 Human Biological Variation and Adaptation; ASIA 2000 Gateway to Modern Asia: Exploring Regional Connections 

Other Interests - Camping, Hiking, Conservation, Traveling