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Kelly Bondurant, Andrew Wilson, Victoria Watson
Victoria Watson and Kelly Bondurant

Resources in Arnett Hall:

G-RAP Fellows are an especially dedicated group of former G-RAP students who are committed to helping first-year students in Arnett Hall adapt to and succeed at CU Boulder. These are upper-class students who have previously completed the G-RAP program. These peer mentors offer additional support to first-year students both academically and socially, as they help new students connect to the CU campus and community.


Meet Our 2021-2022 Fellows!

We are introducing four Fellows for the 2021-2022 academic year!  All were past residents of Arnett and are familiar with all the Staff and Faculty. Below you can see their pictures and a short quote about what inspired them to become a Fellow so you can be sure to recognize them on campus and in the dorm.

Claire Applegate


Claire Applegate In front of Arnett

Claire Applegate 2022-2023 Fellow

"Claire is a sophomore working towards a BA in Leadership & Community Engagement and a BA in Psychology with a certificate in Care, Health and Resilience. She enrolled in the Global Studies RAP as a freshman because she appreciated the interesting and small-sized classes offered through the program. Claire took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Global Studies annual trip over spring break 2022. She visited Croatia, Slovenia, and Venice. She considers the trip to be one of the best experiences of her freshman year and credits it with inspiring her love of world travel. Claire’s other obsession is CU’s live mascot; she is a current Handler for the Ralphie live mascot program. When prepping for tryouts, the Arnett community showed lots of support and even tolerated her late-night pull-up sessions in the hallway of North, 2nd floor. Visit Claire during her office hours this fall for assistance or just to chat (especially about Ralphie). She’d love to help make your transition to college life as smooth as Possible."

Donny Falk 


Donny Falk in front of Arnett

Donny Falk 2022-2023 Fellow 

"Donny is from Illinois just outside Chicago. Chicago has inspired the academic path he has chosen which is getting a Major  in Geography and a minor in German and Environmental Design. He has a strong love for urban spaces and hopes to one day work for the city of Chicago or in  Germany. In Germany, he would love to make more sustainable urban planning projects and make urban life more accessible and equal for all. He has always loved Boulder since he visited when he was a little kid. Donny loves CU Boulder and is very passionate about G-RAP. G-RAP gave him the opportunity to spend his Spring Break abroad along the Adriatic coast .He said it was an unforgettable experience. Donny looks forward to meeting the incoming students and hopes to make the transition as easy as possible. "




Shea McCarthy 

Shea McCarthy in front of Arnett

Shea McCarthy 2022-2023 Fellow

"Shea McCarthy is a Sophomore at the University of Colorado Majoring in Anthropology and Psychology. Shea was a student in the Global Studies RAP her Freshman year. She decided to join the G-RAP because it offered classes related to her interests in cultures around the world. The Global Studies program has been one of Shea's best experiences at CU, and she was able to attend the program's trip in the Spring of 2022 where she traveled to Croatia, Slovenia, Venice, and Montenegro. Some of her other interests include being outside and working with animals. Shea attended a Global Seminar in the summer of 2022 where she was able to study the conservation of primates in Vietnam. This helped confirm her interest in pursuing conservation as a career in relation to primatology. Shea is also from Tennessee, so she understands the importance of finding a community in new places. With that in mind, Shea looks forward to assisting any and all students this academic year."

Paige Miller


Paige Miller in front of Arnerr

Paige Miller 2022-2023 Fellow

"Paige is a sophomore and is Majoring in International Affairs with a certificate in European Union Studies. She is interested in human rights, culture, political geography, and current affairs. Paige lived in Arnett last year and found the smaller G-RAP classes to be vital to her success in the transition from High School to college. She got the opportunity to go on the 2022 Spring Break trip to Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Italy. Paige loved the trip and met many new people within Arnett this way. She grew up in Colorado Springs and loves the outdoors. Paige can’t wait to help incoming students find ways to get involved in the CU community and help with academics and social life. "

Best Places to Study:

There are many different places to study for your classes here at CU. On warm fall and spring days, many people find a shaded place to sit and relax. A great thing about CU is when outdoors you can still log onto campus Wifi. There are also study areas in each wing of Arnett Hall. These study areas are designated quiet areas and open for your use anytime, day or night. 

You can find some great coffee shops and cafes through the Downtown Boulder Guide. There are also some great coffee shops on Pearl Street like Boxcar and OZO!

If you are hoping to find a spot on campus, you can Find Your Study Spot through CU's guide.