G-RAP Fellows for 2017-18

Resources in Arnett Hall:

G-RAP Fellows are an especially dedicated group of former G-RAP students who are committed to help first-year students in Arnett Hall adapt to and succeed at CU Boulder. These are upper-class students who have successfully completed the G-RAP program. These peer mentors offer additional support to first-year students both academically and socially, as they help new students connect to the CU campus and community.

Fellows Office Hours are from 5 - 7 PM from Monday through Thursday located in N207:

Fellows for Fall 2018 are: 

Kevin Vick, Alexander Hebner, Katelyn McEarlean, and John Woods!


Free Writing Center Help also comes directly to your dorm!

Every Monday

Your Writing Tutor is Annie.

Resources on Campus:

Academic Advising Center
The Academic Advising Center, in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Colorado-Boulder, is an organization of advisors, faculty, staff, and administrators committed to enhancing the educational experience of undergraduate students. AAC members work collaboratively with students at all levels and from diverse backgrounds to identify, develop, implement, and attain meaningful educational and personal goals. Academic Advising Center activities include: assisting students in acquiring accurate information to enable them to formulate and complete their academic goals; referring students to the myriad of services, support systems, and informational resources available; teaching students that discovering knowledge, personal responsibility, independence, and mutual respect are essential elements of a liberal arts education. 

Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP)
We are highly dedicated to your academic success at CU, and as a student living in the residence halls or Bear Creek Apartments, you have access to the Academic Success and Achievement Program's FREE small group and walk-in tutoring services. There are a wide variety of topics offered, and dedicated and trained tutors waiting to help you.

Career Services
Career Services helps full time, degree seeking UCB students and alumni plan, prepare and promote their careers. They also partner with local and national employers to bring a variety of internships and jobs to CU’s qualified applicant pool. Their web pages are brimming with career-related advice and resources.

Counseling & Psychological Services
CAPS supports students of the CU-Boulder campus community through individual and group counseling, outreach and prevention services. They also invite students, faculty, staff, parents and community members to consult with them about any student of concern.

Crisis Support
As part of our commitment to campus safety, CU provides comprehensive safety resources for faculty, staff, and students. We encourage you to learn about and make regular use of these resources and support a culture of personal responsibility, on campus and off, that will help us build an increasingly safe university community.

Disability Services
Disability Services will work collaboratively with you as you develop independence and self-advocacy, as well as create your network of resources. Disability Services will provide honest and supportive feedback to you throughout your journey at the university. It starts with assisting you in the transition to university life, which may require relinquishing preconceived ideas about learning, academic pursuits, and accommodations. You will learn to navigate the multiple complex systems within the campus community and serve as your own disability advocate. The more you invest, the more you will gain.

Forever Buffs
Forever Buffs is the Alumni Association’s initiative to engage the 240,000 CU alumni and 30,000 students in every step of their lives, whether it’s driving with a CU license plate to support student scholarships, helping with career advice, hosting CU watch parties across the country or traveling to exotic places together.

LGBTQ Resource Center
The LGBTQ Resource Center is a great place to study, hang out and meet new friends in a safe and comforting environment. This link will help you navigate the many different clubs and other resources that they offer. Their mission: Promoting equal opportunity for successful academic, social and personal development for all GLBTQIA students, staff and faculty and their allies in a safe and supportive environment.

Registrar's Website
Find academic calendars, drop/add deadline dates, information about changing majors, etc. here.

SOFO Student Groups Directory
Here you will find a complete listing of student clubs, groups, organizations, etc. at CU. You can search the directory by keyword to find groups you might be interested in joining.

Student Affairs
From New Student Welcome, where you'll learn how to navigate your way through your first weeks and months at CU, all the way through graduation and even beyond, Student Affairs plays an integral role in student success. Student Affairs is a diverse organization of professionals focused on creating a positive environment that fosters successful learning and personal development, both inside and outside the traditional classroom

Wardenburg Health Center
Wardenburg is the primary health care facility for CU students located conveniently on campus. Their services include primary care, psychological health, sports medicine, women’s health, and peer health education.

Women's Resource Center
The purpose of the Women’s Resource Center is to create a campus environment where women will thrive. They are a dynamic and engaged learning community committed to social justice and working for equity for all people. The WRC is a force on campus to develop students’ leadership abilities and to work for equity on campus. While the Center’s focus is on women, they recognize the importance of advocating on behalf of all underrepresented communities and addressing issues of injustice and inter-connections of oppression.

Writing Center
Need help on a paper? Come to the Writing Center (located in Norlin Library) where very qualified Graduate students and upper classman will help you with your thesis, MLA formatting and other essay related issues. Also, stop by the Writer's Lounge offered every week in G-RAP. This is an in-house expert on all things related to paper or essay writing.