Fellows 2021
Fellows 2021
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G-RAP Fellows are an especially dedicated group of former G-RAP students who are committed to helping first-year students in Arnett Hall adapt to and succeed at CU Boulder. These are upper-class students who have previously completed the G-RAP program. These peer mentors offer additional support to first-year students both academically and socially, as they help new students connect to the CU campus and community.

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Here are our Fellows for AY 2021-2021 pictured with Associate Director Andrew Wilson wearing their awesome G-RAP sweats!


Meet Our 2021-2022 Fellows!

We are introducing four Fellows for the 2021-2022 academic year!  All were past residents of Arnett and are familiar with all the Staff and Faculty. Below you can see their pictures and a short quote about what inspired them to become a Fellow so you can be sure to recognize them on campus and in the dorm.

Quin Fellows

Quin Fellows

Quin Fellows 2021-22 Fellow

"Quin is a junior working towards a BA in International Affairs and a BA in Political science. He is interested in the studies of historical and current affairs in international relations to gain insight into sustainable domestic policymaking for the future. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and has lived in Seattle, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Austria. His family currently lives in Denver, Colorado. He was inspired to study international affairs after spending a gap year in Europe. This led to his enrollment in the Global Studies FYAE as a freshman. He feels that the Global Studies experience allows residents to gain a unique appreciation of the value of international culture and diversity. He is also excited to help residents get the most out of all the opportunities offered by Arnett!"


Henry Prokop

Henry Prokop

Henry Prokop 2021-22 Fellow

"Henry is a senior pursuing a BA in International Affairs with minors in French and History. Among his primary interests is immigration: its causes, consequences, and surrounding policy. Born in Wrocław, Poland, and raised in the Denver area, he has a lifelong passion for travel and experiencing unfamiliar cultures firsthand. While chiefly concerned with geography, history, and linguistics, Henry enjoys learning about all matter of subject areas (save, perhaps, for math). He is thrilled to be part of the Global Studies community.."





Wyatt Metelman-Alvis

Wyatt Metelman

Wyatt Metelman-Alvis 2021-22 Fellow

"These past two semesters in G-RAP have been a blast. From doing projects in class and being able to really interact and have discussions with your professors, to heading to Morocco on a once and a lifetime trip with Director Romanov; G-RAP has exceeded all of my expectations. I wanted to learn more about the world and what Arnett provides has been amazing.  Because of G-RAP and its instructors, I have become inspired to continue taking anthropology, economics and social sciences classes in the future. I have the pleasure of being in Dr. Conzelman's Drug Policy class and have learned so many new things. Dr. Conzelman's teaching style and her love of learning and continuing her studies of anthropology has ignited my love and passion for learning and made me declare a Cultural Anthropology minor here at CU. As a fellow here at G-RAP I strive to create not only a safe space in my office hours, but also allow for growth and expression in terms of academic-related topics. Because my fabulous transition to CU was made possible by people like Katie McErlean and the Journey Leaders, I would aim to recreate a similar experience for my fellow G-RAP students; helping them create their "home" at G-RAP and explore all that CU has to offer!

Audrey Buck-Worrell

Audrey Buck Worrell

Audrey Buck-Worrell 2021-22 Fellow

"Adjusting to college can be a challenging and terrifying process. There can be lots of anxiety associated with transitioning to the academic rigor of college. As a G-RAP fellow, I am looking forward to working hard to help first-year students smoothly transition to college life. Not only can I assist students with their coursework, but I can act as a mentor for their personal lives. I can also use my personal experiences of adjusting to college life as a guide for first-year students. I will put in the effort to get to know incoming G-RAPers on a personal level. In addition, I will use my office hours to benefit the G-RAP community as a whole through academic and personal guidance."



Best Places to Study:

There are many different places to study for your classes here at CU. On warm fall and spring days, many people find a shaded place to sit and relax. A great thing about CU is when outdoors you can still log onto campus Wifi. There are also study areas in each wing of Arnett Hall. These study areas are designated quiet areas and open for your use anytime, day or night. 

You can find some great coffee shops and cafes through the Downtown Boulder Guide. There are also some great coffee shops on Pearl Street like Boxcar and OZO!

If you are hoping to find a spot on campus, you can Find Your Study Spot through CU's guide.