Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a RAP?

 A RAP, or Residential Academic Program, is a living learning community for first-year students living in select residence halls at CU-Boulder. Students living in a RAP are able to take one to two classes per semester within their hall, in an intimate, seminar-style setting. Students are thus able to establish meaningful relationships with their instructors and classmates without leaving home! Additionally, RAPs build a strong sense of community among residents, through these small classes, a host of co-curricular activities, and faculty- and peer-driven academic support. Each RAP has a different focus – from Global Studies to Leadership to Health Professions. For more information on other RAPs at CU-Boulder, visit the Housing website.

Why G-RAP?

G-RAP offers students the opportunity to live and study with an intimate community of like-minded, globally-engaged students. G-RAP is one of the smallest RAPs at CU with only 200 particpants. Students who are actively engaged in the program will benefit from having close access to faculty through small classes of 15 to 18 students, individualized academic advising and support from the G-RAP staff, and ongoing community-building events with an international focus. We offer courses in a wide range of subjects – from anthropology to political science to international affairs – but all have a global theme and count towards the general education requirements mandated by the College of Arts and Sciences.

G-RAP also boasts Student Fellows – past program participants recruited to provide academic and social support to G-RAP students. Fellows collaborate with faculty to plan study sessions, show class films, and provide tutoring assistance. Lastly, G-RAP is a staunch advocate for study abroad, and the program offers first-year students the unique opportunity to participate on an annual, international trip during Spring Break to a different exotic locations. Scholarships are available to G-RAP students for this opportunity.

Can any major participate in G-RAP?

Yes! Although many of our students are studying international affairs, the program is intended for any students with global interests (academic or otherwise): those who have traveled or would like to travel abroad, international students, and students that wish to live and take classes in a small community of globally-engaged peers. Because all of our courses fulfill CU-Boulder’s general education requirements, students pursuing any major can benefit from participation in G-RAP.

Once admitted to the program, what are the requirements for participation?

Students accepted into G-RAP must take at least one of our offered courses each semester of the academic year (one in the fall and one in the spring). This part is non-negotiable! Once students are accepted into G-RAP they must take at least one class per semester. Approximately 14 different courses are offered per semester and all fill either general education or elective credit requirements. Students are also asked to attend a few mandatory events during the year, including two in August, and they are highly encouraged to participate in the many co-curricular events that take place throughout the year.

If I leave the residence hall, will I receive a refund for the G-RAP fee?

The G-RAP fee is non-refundable. The only condition under which a student may be eligible for a refund is if he/she withdraws from the university before the drop/add period in the fall. Students requesting a full/partial refund for any other reason (illness, family death, etc.) must provide documentation to the G-RAP director.

Are there scholarships available for the RAP fee?

The program allocates funding each year to be awarded on an as-needed basis for those who wish to participate in G-RAP but are unable to pay the program fee. If you would like to be considered for a need-based scholarship to cover the RAP fee, please fill out our Scholarship Application

Can I participate in G-RAP for more than one year?

In general, G-RAP is structured as a year-long program, intended for first-year students. However, the program welcomes the participation of continuing CU-Boulder students. Those who wish to participate for a second year are encouraged but not required to live in the RAP again, and must pay the program fee. Additionally, interested continuing students who participated in G-RAP as a first-year student may apply for the position of Student Fellow. The application period for the Fellow position commences each January.