Galina, Lecturer
Residential Acad Prgm - Global & Germanic & Slavic Lang & Lits

331 UCB 
Boulder, CO 80309-0331

I completed my B.S. in Linguistic Pragmatics and TESOL Pedagogy at King Kazimierz the Great Academy in Bydgoszcz, Poland in 2002

Most Interesting Travels

One of the coolest places I have traveled to is Bologna, Italy, a city the first University in Europe stands – a University where Dante received his education. Long, windy streets open up to quiet piazza's (squares) skirting ancient churches and breathtaking domes in the private yards of wealthier families. Bologna is the home of ancient battles between the centralized catholic Church of Rome and its powerful alternative predecessor – a fusion church incorporating pagan images, beliefs and practices into early Christian ones – engraved into the walls, statues and paintings. When you walk its streets, you can sense the air of the past literally beneath your feet – as you walk into Bologna's library and look beneath your feet through the glass floor onto ancient ruins of the city blow; or dare the endless steps framing the hallows of these ancient buildings and gracing the city's vantage points. But wait to try the food! I bit my tongue and both cheeks at once in a jolting ecstasy of the first bite of vine-ripened tomatoes and divine mozzarella! This place is a must go to on your list of places to visit in the world!

Extracurricular Activities 
I ride horses (dressage, jumping, etc.), play tennis, choreograph dance performances and instruct social salsa dancing; do yoga and enjoy the outdoors on a hike or a run. I love investigating new subjects, researching complex matters and learning new skills, especially if they deal with brain brilliance and peak performance tools. 

Current Research
My current research passions divide between my interests in writing and the fields of Russian and Polish avante-garde and women-authored literature; diversity and inclusion efforts in contemporary education, particularly via implementing "embodied" learning and contemplative educational practices; and brain acrobatics (exercises improving neuroplasticity and activating opiate receptors/hippocampus cells to improve clarity and processing functions of the mind).