Collage of photos showing G-RAP students over the years
What are students saying about G-RAP?

"G-RAP was the deciding factor for me attending CU Boulder." - AP '14 G-RAPper

Our students are also published! Makena Lambert: The power of protest 

"I loved living in this dorm, almost all of the friends I've made have been because of Arnett. Either on my floor, in my classes, or at GRAP events. I don't think I would have had any of the postitive experiences I've had living here if I lived anywhere else.." - EB '17 G-RAPper

"I loved G-RAP. I got to take classes applicable to my major, and because Russian language was offered I learned that I love the language, and now I will minor in it. I attended a few presentations/events, all of them were engaging and contributed to the unique dorm experience of G-RAP." - JB '15 G-RAPper

"I enjoyed the events that we could attend within the dorm and the access to pertinent activities across campus (with flyers, etc). I also had my best classes on campus in the RAP." - KM' 14 G-RAPper

"I think the program is doing a really good job. I really enjoyed the ability to tailor focus on the international side of things." - SB '17 G-RAPper

It was amazing. I really like the course "Drug Policy" with Prof. Carol Conzelman because it opened up my eyes with new perspective on drugs and drug policy globally. I enjoyed a lot to have broaden my mind and learned a lot from G-RAP and made a lot of friends." - JB '14 G-RAPper

"I really enjoyed the G-RAP sponsored events since they allowed me to learn about things from different classes or from different perspectives." - ND '17 G-RAPper