• Collage of photos showing G-RAP students over the years
    What are students saying about G-RAP?

"G-RAP was the deciding factor for me attending CU Boulder." - AP '14 G-RAPper

Our students are also published! Makena Lambert: The power of protest 

"[G-RAP] helped me connect with professors more. Which was really helpful my freshman year of college." - BB '14 G-RAPper

"I loved G-RAP. I got to take classes applicable to my major, and because Russian language was offered I learned that I love the language, and now I will minor in it. I attended a few presentations/events, all of them were engaging and contributed to the unique dorm experience of G-RAP." - JB '15 G-RAPper

"I enjoyed the events that we could attend within the dorm and the access to pertinent activities across campus (with flyers, etc). I also had my best classes on campus in the RAP." - KM' 14 G-RAPper

"I enjoyed the guest speakers that would come speak with us, and I enjoyed the community bonding events." - HD '14 G-RAPper

It was amazing. I really like the course "Drug Policy" with Prof. Carol Conzelman because it opened up my eyes with new perspective on drugs and drug policy globally. I enjoyed a lot to have broaden my mind and learned a lot from G-RAP and made a lot of friends." - JB '14 G-RAPper

"I really loved having my classroom inside the same place I lived in, it was an incredible experience and I enjoyed the convenience and enriching atmosphere it gave me." - BI '14 G-RAPper

"Loved the study abroad programs, classes and professors [who were] so close and available." - AE '13 G-RAPper