About the Global Engagement Advisory team

The Global Engagement Advisory team is chaired by Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation Terri Fiez, and includes representatives from key groups across campus, including the Boulder Faculty Assembly, the Graduate School, the Office of Contracts and Grants, the Law School, the Chancellor’s Office, Student Affairs, Federal Relations and others. The team is also advised by the Office of Legal Counsel.

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CU Boulder’s international engagement is expanding both in scope and complexity. The complexity of international affairs is also ever increasing. In order for CU Boulder to responsibly engage in international activities that are consistent with the goal of positively impacting humanity, the Chancellor convened an advisory committee to provide guidance toward that end.  

In February 2019, the Global Engagement Advisory team was formed to provide guidance and advice to the Chancellor’s cabinet on issues related to global interaction. The team began by holding listening sessions to develop a set of guiding principles for global engagement. In the longer term, the team will serve as an advisory group to the chancellor and the chancellor’s cabinet as appropriate to changing local and global conditions.

Specifically, the team was tasked to:

  1. Develop a set of guiding principles and values for global engagement based on listening sessions 
  2. Develop communication plans and tools to assist in communicating with key audiences about developments and events relevant to global engagement
  3. Provide input and thought leadership to the Chancellor’s cabinet on global issues to ensure the university is proactively prepared to address any issues that may arise 
  4. Inform campus strategy for international engagement