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The annual required conflict of interest and commitment disclosure window, which runs from Jan. 15 through March 31, has been a key annual milestone for years but is taking on greater importance as the global research and education ecosystem becomes more complicated. While there are a wide range of efforts to secure disclosures from all relevant submitters—anyone on campus with responsibility for the design, conduct or reporting of research—the Global Engagement Resources website provides direct links to learn more about relevant global issues, specifics of the disclosure process and links to submit. 

The University of Colorado Boulder today launched a new website about international engagement to serve as a resource for students, faculty and graduate students. 

The Global Engagement Resources website offers guidance and tools for anyone on campus navigating the increasingly complex issues that are inherent in being part of a global research and teaching university. Resources provided include a statement of Global Engagement Values and PrinciplesTraining and Awareness resources and Frequently Asked Questions about global engagement issues.

The website is part of a review by the Global Engagement Advisory team of university policies, practices and trainings regarding international activities. 

“Through our collaborations with federal, academic and industry partners, we know the global landscape is vastly different than it was ten or even five years ago,” said Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation and Chair of the Global Engagement Advisory team, Terri Fiez. “The advisory team and the new website are part of the university’s comprehensive strategy to make sure our campus is fully informed about how international issues are evolving, and to provide resources to help our campus community act to support our education, research and scholarship mission.”

While some topics covered and resources provided are not new, the just-launched website aims to bring greater visibility to critical resources already in place, showcase newly-developed resources as needed, and provide campus with a focused, current view of the changing global landscape and how our faculty, staff and students can protect the integrity of their research, intellectual property and collaborations.

Lorraine Bayard de Volo, chair and professor in the Department of Women and Gender Studies and member of the advisory team, said: "This new 'one stop shop' approach provided by the Global Engagement website will make it easier for faculty to access the information we need when planning international travel or developing collaborations with researchers based in other countries."

The Global Engagement Advisory team was formed in February 2019 to provide guidance and advice to the Chancellor’s cabinet on issues related to global interaction. The team began by holding listening sessions to develop a set of guiding principles for global engagement, and by hosting U.S.–China relations expert Robert Daly to speak on campus last spring. In addition to gathering and developing a suite of resources to support the campus community in this area, the team serves as an advisory group to the chancellor and the chancellor’s cabinet as appropriate to changing local and global conditions.

The Global Engagement Advisory team is chaired by Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation Terri Fiez and includes representatives from key groups across campus, including the Boulder Faculty Assembly, the Graduate School, the Office of Contracts and Grants, the Law School, the Chancellor’s Office, Student Affairs, Federal Relations and others. The team is also advised by the Office of Legal Counsel.