Enlighten is a great tool for finding, visualizing and accessing maps and other information stored across campus databases and archives. It’s your very own interactive campus map that ties information to a location on campus . You can view and print a standard campus map or turn on various layers such as utilities, trees, ground panels, tunnels, aerial imagery, floor plans, and much more. To read more or to request a demonstration, training or access, please contact us today at  fmcad@colorado.edu.

More Information

Detailed information about objects on the map such as pipe sizes or square footage will appear as you hover a mouse over an object. Enlighten provides new ways to view information, such as FAMIS data about buildings (year built, current projects, etc.), or find drawings - for example, you can find a drawing of a section of tunnel stored on Meridian by clicking on that tunnel on the map. Different campus groups can collaborate and avoid conflicts by mapping out construction boundaries. For instance, if a PD&C Project Manager maps their project on Enlighten, Admissions could redirect their tour group to avoid the construction area, or a grass grow-in could be scheduled for the week after soccer camp rather than before. Users also have the ability to search, perform spatial analysis, and export large amounts of data to spreadsheets. We can help anyone map anything on campus by training them to use our GPS equipment, as has been done for campus trees, light poles, and benches. Enlighten is growing and improving nearly as quickly as campus, and we need your input and participation to make it the best map ever!

License Fees

Please note – Enlighten licenses are $100 per user per year and expire in January. Facilities Management licenses are paid for in bulk by the department, but non-FM users should contact their supervisor for approval before requesting a license. The cost of the license may be pro-rated based on the time of year when requesting a license. Please contact us at  fmcad@colorado.edu with any questions or to set up a group subscription for your department.