Ph.D. Student
Geological Sciences

Advisor: Kristy Tiampo

My interests revolve around natural hazards, data science, and machine learning, and specifically focus on creating open-source identification and prediction tools. I utilize and merge optical, radar, and elevation datasets to create robust and accurate platforms and applications for researchers, decision makers, and educators to use. Currently, I am developing SLID, or the Satellite Landslide Identification and Detection tool that uses vegetation, radar, topography, and a clustering algorithm to locate global landslides. I also am creating a toolkit for modeling magmatic chamber volume and location from interferometric synthetic aperture data. Further, I am exploring the triggers and dynamics of cascading hazards, specifically a sequence of events centered around droughts, wildfires, intense precipitation, flooding, and landslides.


  • B.S., Applied Mathematics, Georgia State University, 2015-2019
  • Ph.D., Geophysics, University of Colorado Boulder, 2020 - present