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Postdoctoral Scholar • Lecturer
Geological Sciences

Research Interests

Amanda is a geobiologist and organic geochemist. Exploring the interconnected feedbacks between the Earth and life are a primary driver for her research interests. Amanda's work explores aspects of the Origins of Life, and understanding how we can reconstruct environmental changes throughout Earth's history.

Amanda's research typically involves modern experiments with photosynthetic model organisms — especially Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (green algae) and Solanum spp. (tomato plants) — to probe things like ribosomal function and to calibrate proxies that are used to reconstruct environmental parameters from sedimentary records.

Education and Training

  • PhD, Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2017, Washington University in St. Louis;
  • MS, Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2014, Washington University in St. Louis;
  • BS, Geology, 2007, University of Maryland at College Park;
  • BA, Germanic Studies, 2007, University of Maryland at College Park