The following is a list of courses offered currently or recently at the graduate level by the department of Geological Sciences. Courses are subject to change and availability may also vary. Please contact the graduate program assistant with any questions about course offerings.

Year Term Course Number Course Description Instructor Details
2019 Fall GEOL 5110 Geomechanics Robert Anderson Focuses on treating geologic problems quantitatively and how to set them up formally. This requires statements of conservation of some quantity (heat, mass, momentum, radionuclides, ice, water, soil), and of sources, sinks and transport of these. We start with the transfer of heat, and move on to the flow of viscous fluids. Applications range from those at the earth’s surface, to deep within the earth.
2019 Fall GEOL 5270 Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Tom Marchitto Cross-listed with 4270. Typically taught in alternate Falls. Examines the chemical, biological, geological, and physical processes affecting (and affected by) the chemistry of the oceans. Topics include: chemical speciation in seawater; the marine carbon cycle and its long-term control on atmospheric CO2; the large-scale interdependence of nutrient distributions and biological productivity; chemical tracers of ocean circulation; and the chemistry of marine sediments, including early diagenesis.
2019 Fall GEOL 5690 Tectonic history of the western U.S. Craig Jones Review of tectonic history and the tools used to make tectonic inferences.
2019 Fall GEOL 5702 Geomorphology Seminar Greg Tucker
2019 Fall GEOL 5714 Field Geophysics Craig Jones Collect and analyze geophysical measurements in the Boulder area. Colisted with GEOL4714. Offered annually.
2019 Fall GEOL 5800 Planetary Surfaces and Interiors Brian Hynek Paul Hayne from APS will be teaching this course this round. It's offered every other fall.
2019 Fall GEOL 6620 EPP2: Geodesy Steve Nerem Taught in Aerospace; required for GEOP PhD.