The following is a list of courses offered currently or recently at the graduate level by the department of Geological Sciences. Courses are subject to change and availability may also vary. Please contact the graduate program assistant with any questions about course offerings.

Year Term Course Number Course Description Instructor Details
2018 Spring GEOL 5001 Physics and Chemistry of the Solid Earth Craig Jones & Lang Farmer An overview of physical and chemical processes in Earth. Offered roughly every other year.
2018 Spring GEOL 5702 Geomorphology Seminar Robert Anderson Reading and discussion seminar in geomorphology, landscape evolution, and related topics. 1 credit.
2018 Spring GEOL 5703 Tectonics seminar Kevin Mahan Reading seminar. Focuses on a wide variety topics related to crust, mantle, and whole earth tectonics. Published papers from recent peer-reviewed literature are read and discussed. The format and specific topics will vary each semester (e.g., a relatively focused theme or open format) and will in part be determined by the makeup of enrolled students. Prerequisites are graduate standing or instructor consent.
2018 Spring GEOL 6060 Petroleum geology of deepwater settings Paul Weimer  
2018 Spring GEOL 6630 Geodynamics Shijie Zhong Taught roughly every 2 years; colisted in ASTR and PHYS. Also known as EPP3, part of the geophysics PhD core.
2018 Fall GEOL 5002 Physcis, Chemistry, and Biology of Sedimentary Systems David Budd Reading seminar focused on a variety of topics and research themes related to sedimentary systems that are not touched upon in other courses. Explores for commonalities in research questions, approaches, and analysis, and seeks to instill an appreciation for reading broadly and thinking inter-disciplinarily.
2018 Fall GEOL 6650 Geodynamics Kristy Tiampo This is a three credit graduate course designed to introduce the concepts and application of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) and differential InSAR processing, to include an introduction to physical geodesy and satellite techniques.