The Geological Sciences Department at the University of Colorado Boulder is proud to offer degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate programs include a Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Geophysics along with a minor in Geology. Graduate studies include a Masters program and a Doctoral program. 

The Department of Geological Sciences, through excellence in teaching and research, advances understanding and appreciation of the Earth: its resources, structure, processes, and history. We work to create an informed and scientifically literate public, capable of making the choices required for a sustainable future, and we are dedicated to educating the next generation of leading Earth and planetary scientists. Through basic research, our faculty and students further understanding of the past, present, and future whole Earth system, including linkages between the solid Earth, and its enveloping hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.

The Department offers more than 100 courses covering a variety of topics in the Geological Sciences. In a typical semester, more than 45 courses are given to address the interests and needs of students. Learn more about the Department of Geological Sciences at CU-Boulder and what it is like to study earth sciences at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado: