Najeeb Jan photo portrait
Political Islam, South Asia; Poststructural & Postcolonial Theory; Biopolitics, Critical Ontology • Ph.D. University of Michigan, 2010
Human Geography

Research Interests

I am interested in cartographies of power and more specifically with understanding the nature of political space in the contemporary Muslim world. My research thus far has focused on biopolitics, subjectivity and political Islam in Pakistan. I am concerned with understanding contemporary forms of violence ("eterrorism") in relation to broader questions of militarization, security/governmentality, neoliberalism and sovereignty.

Recent Courses Include

  • Spring 2017  GEOG 3742 (3) Place, Power, Culture
  • Spring 2017  GEOG 4762 (3) Geographies of Political Islam 
  • Fall 2016  GEOG 3742 (3) Place, Power, Culture
  • Spring 2016  GEOG 4762-001 (3) Geographies of Political Islam 
  • Spring 2016  GEOG 5652 (3) Introduction to Social Theory