Digital Aerobics

Practice with E-mail, the Internet, and the Worldwide Web.

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1. E-mail a "howdy" message to Foote and one to your teaching assistant. Ask a question about the course requirements or content.

 2. Send a "thank-you" message to the author or compiler of your favorite Web site and "CC" a copy of this message to your teaching assistant.

Internet and Worldwide Web

3. Download to disk using "Save as" a copy of the Web Search exercise in "Plain Text" (.txt) form.  Open the file in Word, type your name and the date at the top of the file, and then print. Put in assignment box in GRG 302.

4. Print a copy of this "Digital Aerobics" page directly from Netscape. Write your name and the date on it and put it in the assignment box.

5. Prepare materials for your homepage and publish it in the Web

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