File Transfer and Remote Logon: The ftp and telnet Commands

Transferring Files to PC/Windows Computers: ftp

The ftp (file transfer protocol) command is not a Unix command per se, but rather a file transfer command that can be run from any of the laboratory computers over the Internet. Use ftp if you wish to transfer a file from one of the workstations to a PC for editing or plotting. The ftp command is particularly handy for files that are too large to move to the PCs using diskettes. Follow these steps:

To copy a file from a Unix workstation to a PC

1. Go to the PC where you would like to use the file.

2. Exit Windows, if it is running.

3. Use the cd command to change to the directory where you would like to copy the file, c: root is fine.

4. Type the command: ftp [enter] Substitute the name of the workstation you use for "

5. Follow the prompts to logon to your account on the workstation.

6. When you are logged on, you can use the ls command to get a listing of files on the workstation if you have forgotten which one you wish to copy.

7. Type: binary [enter]

8. Type: get austin.dgn [enter] This would get the file austin.dgn and copy it to the PC.

9. Get as many files as you need.

10. When you finished, type: quit [enter] This will end ftp and return you to the DOS prompt

Note: If you are in ftp and get lost, type ? for a list of commands, or type quit [enter] to exit and start over.

To Copy a File from a PC to a Unix Workstation

Follow the same ten steps as above. At step 7, substitute "put" for "get." Put and get are inverse commands.

Remote Logon to Any Computer: telnet and tn3270

You can use the Internet to logon to any remote computer you have permission to use. There are a variety of commands for making this possible, telnet being the one most commonly employed.

1. From PCs and Workstations


Note: To end a telnet or tn3270 session, type logout.

There are thousands of computers on the Internet that allow you to access them to use public files. All you need to know are their addresses and access procedure. If you wish to transfer a file from these computers, use the ftp command.

2. On the UNIX Workstations

On the workstations, apart from telnet and tn3270, there are variety of other options for remote logins including the visit and rlogin commands. On the Intergraph workstations, the visit command is available from the workstation icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Converted on 20 July 1994. KEF.