The Geographer's Craft, GRG 859, 1997-98

Directory of New Humans

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1. Tamasin Artru,  Projects: Sustainable Development
2. Daniel Brown,  Projects: New Urbanism
3. Daniel Coxworth,  Projects: Urbanization in Developing Countries
4. Nathan W. Doxsey,  Projects: Sustainable Development in Costa Rica
5. Cheryl Fey,  Projects: Tornado Alley
6. Stefan Grünthaler,  Projects: El Niño Occurrences: Their Impacts and Effects
7. Ross Henderson,  Projects: Light Rail
8. Kenny Hopper,  Projects: Texas Watershed Management
9. Cynthia Kocian,  Projects: Acid Rain
10. Robin C. Krebs,  Projects: Environmental Hazards and Red Tides
11. Jason Ladewig,  Projects: Environmental Hazards Caused by Dams
12. Tony Lynch,  Projects:
13. Doria Martinez,  Projects: Water Pollution and Contamination in the United States
14. Julia McNabb,  Projects: Groundwater Resources in the Southwestern United States
15. Sally Nash,  Projects: Environmental Contamination and Its Effects
16. Larry Nierth,  Projects: The Edwards Aquifer
17. Shane Orr,  Projects: Home Energy Conservation
18. Frank Scholz,  Projects: Arctic Vegetation
19. Katherine Scott,  Projects: Grassroots Water Quality Environmental Education Programs
20. Karin Schweitzer,  Projects: Urban Renewal
21. Paula Stigler,  Projects: Karst Geomorphology
22. John Swann,  Projects: Biodiversity
23. Marisol Timm,  Projects: National Park Maintenance in Europe
24. Alex Vanagas,  Projects: Deforestation in the Pacific Northwest
25. Brian Wilson,  Projects: Environmental Impact of Oil Spills
26. Marcia Workman,  Projects: Urban Transportation
27. Matt Wright,  Projects: The Ogallala Aquifer and Groundwater in Texas

Created on 4 September 1996. Last revised 16 October 1997.