The Geographer's Craft, GRG 859, 1996-97

Directory of New Humans

  1. Thien Nga Bui's   Web Projects: Development and Land Affairs in the New South Africa
  2. David Canright's   Web Projects: More About Horned Toads, and a Story
  3. Becca Cody's   Web Projects: The Ideal City
  4. Maya Coleman's   Web Projects: The Mayan Worldview
  5. Melissa Condell's   Web Projects: Weather and GIS
  6. Catherine Dawson's   Web Projects: Economic Development in Central America
  7. William deHerrera's   Web Projects: Water Under the Bridge?
  8. Llana Dunagan's   Web Projects: Malaria in South Africa
  9. Luke Dunlap's   Web Projects: Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico
  10. Robin Gose's   Web Projects: Scotland
  11. Holly Henderson's   Web Projects: Indonesia
  12. Taylor Houston's   Web Projects: A History of Hawaiian Landscape Transition and the Biological Control of Exotic Vertebrates
  13. Erik Huebner's   Web Projects: Monk Parakeets: Study of an Exotic
  14. Celinda Kelsey's   Web Projects: Image Map Interfaces
  15. Richard Lindley's   Web Projects: Recording a Legacy: A Survey of Rural Cemeteries in East Central Texas
  16. Bill Medaille's   Web Projects: The Nuclear Industry
  17. Jonathon Moore's   Web Projects: Killer Bees
  18. Tien Ngo's   Web Projects: Deforestation in Vietnam
  19. Kavita Patel's   Web Projects: Acid Rain
  20. Travis Phillips's   Web Projects: Costa Rica
  21. Ricardo Puente's   Web Projects: The Maquiladora Industry of Northern Mexico
  22. Trey Rhodes's   Web Projects: Coral Reefs: Endangered Forests of the Sea
  23. Robert Schanafelt's   Web Projects: Earthquake!
  24. Shelly Scroggs's   Web Projects: The Plight of the Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
  25. Rini Sumartojo 's   Web Projects: Borders and Conflict in Southeast Asia and China
  26. Chris Szachacz 's   Web Projects: Environmental Education
  27. Suran Wije's   Web Projects: Loss of Green Space in the City of Austin from the Grant of Minor Variances
  28. Mei Zhou's   Web Projects: Cave Conservation in Texas
  29. Bryan Zilar's   Web Projects: Grazing on Public Lands: Changing and Preserving a Lifestyle

Created on 4 September 1996. Last revised 31 July 1997. LNC.