For University of Colorado students interested in enrolling in:


 Enrollment in The Geographer's Craft is limited to 25 and requires the consent of the instructor, Kenneth E. Foote.  To gain consent you must:

1. Be a junior or senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

2. Plan to enroll in both semesters of The Geographer Craft: 859A in the Fall and 859B in the Spring.  You earn four credits during the Fall semester, and four in the spring.

3. Demonstrate familiarity with Windows (NT or 95). You must demonstrate your familiarity in a short 20-minute quiz administered during the first week of the semester.  The quiz will include questions about basic Windows management (opening, moving, resizing and closing windows) and using Windows Explorer (File Manager in 3.1) to format disks, create, copy, rename, find, and erase files.

 If you work with Macs, most of your skills will transfer without problem.  A little bit of practice with Windows will be enough for the class.  The topics covered on the quiz are listed here.

4. Demonstrate familiarity with Internet and Web tools, including e-mail (you must have an active e-mail address), a Web browser such as Netscape, ftp, and telnet.  Class materials are located at http://www.Colorado.EDU/geography/gcraft/contents.html

5. Come to the first class,  even if you have a high number on the waiting list.  Enrollment shifts greatly in the first week of class as people sort out schedules.  Very often, people beyond the first 25 on this list get into the class.  The content of the quiz will be discussed and sign-up times will be made available on the first class day.  Even if you have signed the waiting list, if you do not attend the first class, you will not be considered for enrollment.

6. Please put your name and student number on the waiting list on Dr. Foote's office door (GRG 402).  Enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis during the first week of the semester.   Enrolling through TEX does not guarantee a place until the class unless you have met these conditions.

 If you have additional questions, please see Dr. Foote during his office hours.

Last revised 3 February 2000.  LNC.