The quiz will be administered to you individually by the instructor or one of the Lab's teaching or research assistants.  You will be asked to perform the following tasks, although the order of the tasks will vary from quiz to quiz.   Some tasks can be accomplished using different commands or procedures in different versions of the software; any method that works earns credit.  Full credit is awarded if a question is answered on the first attempt.  Partial credit is awarded for subsequent successful attempts.  A passing grade is 70.

1) List and Find Files (12 pts total)

 A) List contents of a disk (4 pts)
 B) List files in a directory (4 pts)
 C) Search for a file using wild-card characters (4 pts)

2) Copy or Move Files and Directories (16 pts total)

 A) Copy single file from from one disk to another (4 pts)
 B) Copy or move from one subdirectory to another (4 pts)
 C) Copy entire disk (4 pts)
 D) Copy directory (4 pts)

3) Create, Delete, and Rename Files and Directories (16 pts total)

 A) Erase file from A: drive (4 pts)
 B) Retrieve deleted files from the Recycle Bin (4 pts)
 C) Rename file or directory on any drive (4 pts)
 D) Create then delete a directory (4 points)

4) Format Disks (4 pts)

 A) When do you format a disk?
 B) Show procedure

5) Manage window boxes (10 points total)

 A) Maximize window (2 points)
 B) Minimize window (2 points)
 C) Resize window (2 points)
 D) Close window (2 points)
 E) Arrange icons or find hidden icons (2 points)


 6) Open Word or Write (10 points)

 A) Enter application (2 pts)
 B) Open file (2 pts)
 C) Add text (2 pts)
 D) Use Copy, Cut, and Paste Options (2 pts)
 E) Save file, but DON'T exit (2 pts)

7) Open Netscape or Internet Explorer (8 points)

 A) Find or go to UT homepage (2 pts)
 B) Clipboard something from this page to Word file (2 pts)
 C) Save page in text format on disk (2 pts)
 D) Add a bookmark (2 pts)

8) Retrieve files using ftp (8 pts)

 A) Logon on to as anonymous (4 pts)
 B) Download the binary file from /Anonymous/METAPONT (4 pts)

9) Extract files using a ZIP utility (4 points)

10) Telnet (Telnet 3270) to UTCAT (4 pts)

11) Use End Task menu to terminate application (4 points)

12) Logoff to new user (4 points)