Spring 1998 Class Projects

The Geographer's Craft, GRG 859B

Austin-Bergstrom-International-Airport  by Robin Krebs

Austin Capitol Complex Parking by Tony Lynch

Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries  by Doria Martinez

City of Austin Low Flush Toilet Outreach Program by Nathan Doxsey and Julia McNabb

Does Location Influence Price in Austin's Restaurants? by Tamasin Atru, Marisol Timm, and Matt Wright

Farmer's Markets in Austin by Paula Stigler

Ground level Ozone in Austin, TX  by Brian Wilson and Stephan Grünthaler

Housing Revitalization in Downtown Austin by Daniel Brown, Daniel Coxworth, and Karin Schweitzer

Immigration and Settlement Patterns in the Netherlands by Alex Vanagas and Sally Nash

Lake Level Changes of Lake Travis by Larry Nierth

The Austin Area Jewish Community by Cheryl Fey

The Effects of Urbanization on Watershed Systems: Shoal and Waller Creek in Austin, Texas by Kenny Hopper, Jason Ladewig, and Ross Henderson

Traffic Accidents along the Texas I-35 Corridor  by Cynthia Kocian and John Swann

Spatial Analysis of the Spills and Complaint Response Program in the Town Lake Watersheds of Austin, Texas by Marcia Workman

Water Quality of Austin's Creeks by Frank Scholz and Katherine Scott

Created 29 April 1998. Last revised 19 May 1998. AJW.