Spring 1997 Class Projects

The Geographer's Craft, GRG 859B

Austin Emergency Medical Services (EMS) by Kavita Patel

City Shape and Growth in Austin, Texas by Llana Dunagan and Celinda Kelsey

Texas Sabal Palms by Erik Huebner and Bryan Zilar

Urban Encroachment of the Katy Prairie by Tien Ngo

Get the Lead Out: Lead Poisoning in East Austin by Tina Bui, Rebecca Cody, and Holly Henderson

Landmines Kill! by Trey Rhodes

Deforestation in Costa Rica by Maya Coleman, Catherine Dawson, Travis Phillips, Ricardo Puente, and Mei Zhou

Loss of Greenspace in the City of Austin from the Grant of Minor Variances by Suran Wije

Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Facility by Chris Szachacz

Xeriscaping in Austin, Texas by Melissa Condell, Robin Gose, and William de Herrera

Landscapes in Literature: O Henry's Texas Stories by David Canright and Rini Sumartojo

The Red Cockaded Woodpecker by Shelly Scroggs

Polynesian Prehistoric Migrations: The Construction of Spatial Models Based on Archaeological and Linguistic Data by Taylor Houston

Pollution in Austin: A Study of Industrial Pollution in the Texas Capital by Bill Medaille

The Alamo Defenders by Richard Lindley

Bicycle Thefts on Campus by Jonathon Moore

Safety and Crime in Travis County by Robert Schanafelt

Created 9 May 1997. Last revised 10 May 1997. KEF.