Spring 1996 Class Projects

The Geographer's Craft, GRG 859B

Russ Dibble and Fernando Keller, The Spatial Distribution of Religious Groups in Austin

 Andrew Phillips, Vegetation Change on an Abandoned Farm

 Erika Chan and Jasmine Cugini, Environmental Risk in Austin

 Trip Blackford, Chris Masey and Nikol Stirland, Hill Country Bird Trail

 John Banning, Steve Campbell, Mitch Clark, Frank Pakuszewski, Kristi Westphal, 3-D Rendering and Animation of the Alamo and Alamo Plaza

 Raika Hammond and Lise Waring, Mapping the Texas Poll

 Nicole Telkes, The Slaughter of the Golden-cheeked Warbler

 Andrew Albert, Tom Larsh and Nicole Pool, The Geography of Crime: A Spatial Perspective of Murder in Austin

Jennifer Jeffus, John Pyle, Robert Ryan and David Villareal, Investigating the Use of On-Line Resources at the University of Texas Department of Geography

Created 27 April 1996. ALB. Last revised 18 January 1997. KEF.