GPS Satellite Ionospheric Parameter Sample


Peter H. Dana

Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin

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GPS Satellite Ionospheric Model Parameter Sample

Decoded from Subframe 4, Page 18 of GPS Data Bit Frames

Gathered 4/18/95 21:36:00

Austron 2201A GPS Satellite Receiver

Courtesy of:

Austron, Inc. a Datum Company

P. O. Box 14766

Austin, Texas 78761

(512) 251-2313

Ionospheric parameters:

Alpha[0] : 1.397E-08

Alpha[1] : 2.235E-08

Alpha[2] : -1.192E-07

Alpha[3] : -1.192E-07

Beta[0] : 1.044E+05

Beta[1] : 9.83E+04

Beta[2] : -1.966E+05

Beta[3] : -3.932E+05