Downloaded (8/20/94) from the U. S. Coast Guard

Additional terms added 6/19/95



AE - Antenna Electronics

A/D - Analog to Digital

AFB - Air Force Base

AFI - Automatic Fault Indication

AFS - Air Force Station

AHRS - Attitude and Heading Reference System

AIMS - Airspace Traffic Control Radar Beacon System IFF

A/J - Anti-Jamming

AOC - Auxilliary Output Chip

A-S - Anti-Spoofing

ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ATE - Automatic Test Equipment

BCD - Binary Code Decimal

BIH - Bureau International de L'Heure

BIPM - International Bureau of Weights and Measures

BIT - Built-In-Test

BPSK - Bi Phase Shift Keying

C/A-code - Coarse/Acquisition-Code

CADC - Central Air Data Computer

CDMA - Code Division Multiplex Access

CDU - Control Display Unit

CEP - Circular Error Probable

CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

C/No - Carrier to Noise Ratio

CRPA - Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna

CSOC - Consolidated Space Operations Center

CW - Continuous Wave

DAC - Digital to Analog Converter

dB - Decibel

DGPS - Differential GPS

D-Level - Depot Level

DLM - Data Loader Module

DLR - Data Loader Receptable

DLS - Data Loader System

DMA - Defense Mapping Agency

DoD - Department of Defense

DOP - Dilution of Precision

dRMS - Distance Root Mean Square

DRS - Dead Reckoning System

DT& E - Development Test and Evaluation

ECEF - Earth-Centered-Earth-Fixed

ECP - Engineering Change Proposal

EDM - Electronic Distance Measurement

EFIS - Electronic Flight Instrument System

EM - Electro Magnetic

EMCON - Emission Control

ESGN - Electrically Suspended Gyro Navigator

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FMS - Foreign Military Sales

FOM - Figure Of Merit

FRPA - Fixed Radiation Pattern Antenna

FRPA-GP - FRPA Ground Plane

GaAs - Gallium Arsenide

GDOP - Geometric Dilution of Precision

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GPS - Global Positioning System

HDOP - Horizontal Dilution of Precision

HOW - Hand Over Word

HSI - Horizontal Situation Indicator

HV - Host Vehicle

HQ USAF - Headquarters US Air Force

ICD - Interface Control Document

ICS - Initial Control System

IF - Intermediate Frequency

IFF - Identification Friend or Foe

I-Level - Intermediate Level

ILS - Instrument Landing System

INS - Inertial Navigation System

ION - Institute of Navigation

IOT& E - Initial Operational Test and Evaluation

IP - Instrumentation Port

ITS - Intermediate Level Test Set

JPO - Joint Program Office

J/S - Jamming to Signal Ration

JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System

L1 - GPS primary frequency, 1575.42 MHz

L2 - GPS secondary frequency, 1227.6 MHz

LEP - Linear Error Probable

LRIP - Low Rate Initial Production

LRU - Line Replaceable Unit

LO - Local Oscillator

mB - Millibar

MCS - Master Control Station

MCT - Mean Corrective Maintenance Time

MHz - Megahertz

MLV - Medium Launch Vehicle

MmaxCT - Maximum Corrective Maintenance Time

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

M/S - Metres per Second

MSL - Mean Sea Level

MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure

MTBM - Mean Time Between Maintenance

N/A - Not Applicable

NAV-msg - Navigation Message

NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association

NOSC - Naval Ocean Systems Center

NRL - Naval Research Labratory

NS - Nanosecond

NSA - National Security Agency

NTDS - Navy Tactical Data System

NTS - Navigation Technology Satellite

OBS - Omni Bearing Select

OCS - Operational Control System

O-Level - Organization Level

OTHT - Over The Horizon Targeting

PC - Personal Computer

P-Code - Precise Code

PDOP - Position Dilution of Precision

PLSS - Precision Location Strike System

P I - Pre Planned Product Improvement

PPM - Parts Per Million

PPS - Precise Positioning Service

PPS-SM - PPS Security Module

PRN - Pseudo Random Noise

PTTI - Precise Time and Time Interval

PVT - Position Velocity and Time

RAM - Reliability and Maintainability

RCVR - Receiver

RF - Radio Frequency

RMS - Root Mean Square

RNAV - Area Navigation

RSS - Root Sum Square

RT - Remote Terminal

RTCA - Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics

RTCM - Ratio Technical Commission for Maritime Services

S/A - Selective Availability

SAMSO - Space and Missile Systems Organization

SBB - Smart Buffer Box

SC - Special Committee

SEP - Spherical Error Probable

SI - International System of Units

SIL - System Integration Labratory

SINS - Shipborne INS

SPS - Standard Positioning Service

SRU - Shop Replacable Unit

STDCDU - Standard CDU

TACAN - Tactical Air Navigation

TAI - International Atomic Time

TBD - To Be Determined

TDOP - Time Dilution of Precision

TFOM - Time Figure Of Merit

TTFF - Time to First Fix

UE - User Equipment

UERE - User Equivalent Range Error

UHF - Ultra High Frequency

USA - United States of America

USNO - US Naval Observatory

UT - Universal Time

UTC - Universal Time Coordinated

VDOP - Vertical Dilution of Precision

VHSIC - Very High Speed Integrated Circuit

VLSIC - Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit

VOR - Very High Frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Range

WGS-84 - World Geodetic System - 1984

YPG - Yuma Proving Ground

1 PPM - 1 Pulse Per Minute

1 PPS - 1 Pulse Per Second