4. Basic Elements of Map Composition

As the questions of message, audience, and context are addressed, one can turn to issues relating to the form, layout, and composition of a map. In this section, we will begin by raising questions about size and proportion, about simplification, and about the general types of information that are arrayed on maps. Although symbolization is critical to map composition, it is so important a subject that it will be considered in the next section.

4.1 The format of the final production?

4.2 The issue of generalization, simplification, and abstraction 4.3 Basic map elements: Information commonly needed by the map reader

4.4 Elements are balanced within the visual hierarchy and frame of the map

4.5 Experiment with map layouts

4.6 There should be a defensible reason for each element placed on a map and for its composition 4.7 Less is more

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