Examination and Study Questions for Project Lifecycle and Planning

  1. Essay Questions
  2. Short Answer
  3. Multiple-choice

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1. Essay Questions

Limit each essay to two double-spaced typewritten pages plus references.

  1. What are the disadvantages of careful project planning?

  2. Under what circumstances would it be acceptable to implement a GIS pilot project without a prototype?

  3. In what ways is GIS implementation in large organizations more of a management issue than a technological challenge?

  4. In your judgment, what are the two most important steps in project planning?

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2. Short Answer

Limit your answers to no more than 100 words.

  1. Why are the: 1) functional requirements study and 2) prototype so important in the AM/FM project life cycle? Use an example to show how these steps can be applied to a smaller research project.

  2. Why is it a good example to do a needs assessment and have clear-cut goals when creating a GIS project. Use examples.

  3. Explain the following three features of a GIS that must be balanced to meet the needs of particular projects, use examples:

    1. Effective management of large datasets
    2. Fast query response
    3. Large variety of analysis functions

  4. What are four types of information that need to be evaluated during a GIS pilot project? (See P.A. Huxhold (1986) Chapter 7 Principles of Geographic Information Systems for Land Resources Assessment)

  5. Why is a pilot project so important in project planning?

  6. What is a functional requirements study (FRS) and why is it critical to the project lifecycle and planning process?

  7. What are the five steps in project lifecycle and planning process? What is the most important step? Defend your choice.

  8. According to Heather Campbell (1991) "Organizational Issues in Managing Information" in Handling Geography Information: Methodology and Potential Applications, ed. Ian Masser and Michael Blakemore, how does the existing decision making style of an organization condition its use of GIS?

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3. Multiple-choice questions

Choose the best or most appropriate answer(s) to the question.

  1. Which of the following statements are true when creating a new GIS project?

    1. There is often the need for support staff.
    2. Existing decision making procedures are easily incorporated into the project.
    3. There is tendency for over-reliance on the new technology.
    4. A comprehensive plan is not necessary.
    5. Both 1 and 3.

  2. According to P.A. Huxhold (1986) Chapter 7 Principles of Geographic Information Systems for Land Resources Assessment, which of the following objectives are essential to an effective pilot project?

    1. refine cost and benefit estimates
    2. select software and hardware vendors
    3. define organizational needs
    4. demonstrate system capabilities

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