Examination and Study Questions for Legal and Ethical Issues

  1. Essay Questions
  2. Short Answer

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1. Essay Questions

Limit each essay to two double-spaced typewritten pages plus references.

  1. To what extent can GIS both support and undercut principles of freedom of information?

  2. To what extent may questions of legal liability limit the exchange of GIS data and boundary files among government agencies?

  3. Is it acceptable for a government agency to borrow and use GIS data that lies beyond the immediate needs of its administrative mandate?

  4. What ethical issues are raised by the use of space-based remote sensing technology for scientific and commercial GIS applications?

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2. Short Answer

Limit your answers to no more than 100 words.

  1. Explain how liability as become an important issue in GIS and other automated systems. Give one example of how "negligence" may expose GIS or mapping projects to legal action.

  2. Due to concerns about liability, many digital files are now supplied with disclaimers. Does the use of disclaimers absolve a firm from all possible charges of negligence? Why?

  3. Explain why "privacy has fallen victim to the computer age"?

  4. What legal issues are likely to slow the widespread exchange and interchange of GIS data among government agencies and commercial users.

  5. Describe a situation in which use of a GIS might lead to a legal conflict?

  6. List three types of legal liability that can apply to GIS projects and products?

  7. What is the meaning of the term "informational mosaic" and what are its dangers?

  8. Why have some nations greatly restricted access to the Internet?

  9. What are two examples of why we should be concerned with privacy in the context of GIS?

  10. How might GIS and other information technologies such as the Internet lead to more effective, efficient, and responsive government? How might these technologies act in the opposite way?

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