Economic Issues

  1. Essay Questions
  2. Short Answer

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1. Essay Questions

Limit each essay to two double-spaced typewritten pages plus references.

  1. What factors limit the market for standardized digital data sets such as those sold by USGS and Ordnance Survey?

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2. Short Answer

Limit your answers to no more than 100 words.

  1. What forces can lead to the undersupplied market for digital databases for GIS?

  2. If a market for publicly produced datasets is not allowed to develop, what pricing mechanisms are sometimes employed instead?

  3. List three ways in which a digital file can be assigned an economic value or cost?

  4. In the United States, government agencies (local, state, and federal) are major producers of spatial data. How and why has this affected supply?

  5. Why is it that the public cannot be charged beyond the transfer cost for such information as USGS quads?

  6. At what levels of government (local, state, national) do arguments for coordination of GIS projects have value, and why?

  7. List four problems that arise in attempts to apply GIS analysis to international environmental and economic issues?

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