Examination and Study Questions for Geodetic Datums

  1. Essay Questions
  2. Short Answer
  3. Multiple-choice

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1. Essay Questions

Limit each essay to two double-spaced typewritten pages plus references.

  1. In what ways does the long and widespread use of SPC, UTM, COGO, and USPLS reference systems limit the possibility of building regional and state-wide GIS?

  2. To what extent is the problem of georeferencing a major obstacle to the creation of global GIS?
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2. Short Answer

Limit your answers to no more than 100 words.

  1. Why is it important to know the datum used for a given map? Which datum are you most likely to encounter for maps used in the US?

  2. Why is the use of the correct map datum important in determining location?

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3. Multiple-choice questions

Choose the best or most appropriate answer(s) to the question.

  1. What is a geodetic datum?

    1. The latitude and longitude of Meades Ranch, Kansas, the NAD 27 origin.
    2. The data point that defines the location of Greenwich, England.
    3. A theoretical map project designed to provide accurate scale over the entire surface of an oblate spheroid.
    4. The set of parameters that define the size and shape of the earth and the origin of coordinate systems that describe positions on the earth.

  2. Which of the following datums can be used anywhere in the world for accurate mapping?

    1. WGS 1983 and NAD 1927
    2. WGS 1972 and NAD 1984
    3. NAD 1927 and NAD 1983
    4. There are no global datums
    5. None of the above

  3. Which of the following datums is the best representation of the shape (or gravity field) of the entire earth?

    1. NAD 27
    2. NAD 83
    3. WGS 84
    4. WGS 27
    5. None of the above

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