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This module has been adapted from the original prepared by Jim Hathaway at: .

This module is part of the Virtual Geography Department   and is being prepared for the Urban and Economic Geography Working Group of the Project. These materials may be used for study, research, and education, but please credit the author and source: Jim Hathaway . All commercial rights reserved. Copyright 1997 by Jim Hathaway.

This module has not yet been peer reviewed but has been classroom tested. Pat McGreevy of Clarion Univeristy has adapted a version of this project for use in his world geography class. To make suggestions and corrections please contact Jim Hathaway .

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Table of Contents:


Project Overview

How to Make DDViewer Maps

Student Instructions

How to Import Online Maps Into Microsoft Word

Student Instructions

List and Contents of Your Five Graphic Documents

Student instructions

How to Make Charts in Microsoft Excel with DDViewer Tabular Information and Import Them into Microsoft Word

Student instructions

How to Import Statistical Information from DDViewer into Microsoft Word 

Student instructions

Instructions for Your Text Document

Student Instructions

Supporting Materials

Online glossary

Grade Weighting of Different Sections of Report

About the Virtual Geography Department

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