Assignments for GEOG 2053

Assignments and study questions will be linked from this page when they are ready for distribution. Due dates and deadlines for all assignments and exams are listed in the class schedule .  These assignments are also linked from the class schedule.

Assignment 1: My Favorite Place (10 percent of final grade)  

Assignment 2: The 2012 Campaign Trail for President (15 percent of final grade). Introduction to ArcMap I ; Introduction to ArcMap II

Assignment 3: Mapping Tectonic Hot Spots (10 percent of final grade)  Projecting Data

Assignment 4: Boulder County Flooding (10 percent) or a similar project

Assignment 5: Race and Travel in the Jim Crow Era: A Historical Geography of Racialized Landscapes in the U.S. (10 percent of final grade) 

Assignment 6: Maps Designed to Persuade and Mislead (10 percent of final grade)

Exam 1:  (15 percent of final grade): Take-home portion of Exam 1  |
Exam 2:  (15 percent of final grade): Take-home portion of Exam 2 

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