GEOG 5161, Research Design in Human Geography

Samples of GeoMethodology Presentations and Other Shared Materials


Spring 2009

  1. Cole Akeson, An Introduction to the Spradley-McCurdy Ethnographic Interviewing Method
  2. Jenn Dinaburg, Participant Observation (Handout)
  3. Jenn Dinaburg, Participant Observation (PPT)
  4. Jung Eun (Jessie) Hong, Quasi-experimental Design
  5. Natalie Koch, Discourse Analysis
  6. Natalie Koch, Discourse Analysis: Useful Terms
  7. Galen Maclaurin, Participatory Mapping
  8. Kendall Wade, Project Evaluations
  9. Adam Williams, Ethnography & Narrative Observation
  10. Adam Williams, Notes on Ethnography

Spring 2010

  1. Mason Auger, Semi-Structured Interviewing
  2. Kristin Gangwer, Paper-Based Questionnaire Surveys in U.S. Ranch-Management Literature
  3. Grant Garstka, Focus group techniques: The Use of Photographs, Images, Texts, Symbols, and Props (PPT)
  4. Grant Garstka, Focus group techniques: The Use of Photographs, Images, Texts, Symbols, and Props (Handout)
  5. Amanda Kass, Coding for Qualitative Research
  6. Petra Norlund, An Introductory Overview to Multi-Criteria Evaluation
  7. Amy Schubert, Semi-structured Surveys and Interview
  8. Connor Sheehan, The Ethnosurvey and The Mexican Migration Project
  9. Michelle Olsgard Stewart, Focus Groups: Exploring a Feminist Geographical Perspective

Spring 2011

  1. Austin Cowley, Grounded Theory
  2. Kathryn Hamm, Interviewing
  3. Sigrid Huenchunir, Ethnography
  4. Chris Jochem, Spatial Clusters and Pattern Analysis
  5. Eric Reiff, Survey Questionnaires
  6. Josh Rodd, Sample Design for Surveys
  7. Ian Rowen, Focus Groups
  8. Lindsay Skog, Discourse Analysis
  9. Sam Smith, Oral History
  10. Meagan Todd, Animating the Built Environment

Spring 2012

  1. William Bredemeyer. Censuses and surveys
  2. Lauren Gifford, The Interview
  3. Chandler Griffith, Participant Observation

Spring 2013

  1. Katie Clifford, Focus groups
  2. Joel Correia, Critical reflexivity and positionality (PPT) and handout (PDF)
  3. Eric Lovell, Participatory mapping (PDF) and handout (docx)
  4. Galen Murton, Transect walks
  5. Alessandro Rigolon, Behavioral mapping
  6. Sarah Tynen, Ethnography (PPT) and handout (PDF)
  7. Yang Yang, Participant observation (presentation PDF), handout (PDF), and discussion questions (with Sarah Tynen) (docx)

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