Assignments for GEOG 5003

Due dates and deadlines for all assignments are listed in the class schedule . where links to these assignments can also be found.

Specific instructions for this semester's class will be added to the following pages as needed.

Assignment 1: The 2012 Campaign Trail for President | Introduction to ArcMap I | Introduction to ArcMap II (15 percent of final grade).

Assignment 2: Mapping Tectonic Hot Spots (10 percent of final grade)

Assignment 3: The Cost of Renting (10 percent of final grade)

Assignment 4: Boulder County Flood Risk and Evacuation Plan (15 percent of final grade)

Assignment 5: Independent Project (20 percent of final grade).  Rubric for final project.

Take-home Exam 1: (15 percent of final grade): Spring 2012 Version |

Take-home Exam 2: (15 percent of final grade). Spring 2012 Version |

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