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Subject: Web Accessibility

TO:      Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Staff,
         Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration

FROM:    The Information Technology Council and
         The Committee on Electronic Communication

SENDER:  Bobby Schnabel, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and
         Campus Technology, Bobbi Barrow, Executive Director, University

DATE:    February 9, 2001

SUBJECT: Web Accessibility

At the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Web is an important means of
access to academic, administrative, and social information. To ensure that web
pages in the domain and affiliated web sites are accessible to all
members of our extended community, CU-Boulder recommends that web developers
take steps to create pages that can be accessed by all, including those with

If you develop or maintain a site, consider that the Web can be a source of
freedom or frustration for users who have visual, hearing, learning, and/or
physical disabilities. Those who can't hear may be able to follow a speech by
reading video captions or the text of a transcription. The ALT tags you add to
describe images will help those who read web pages by listening to the computer
voice of a "screen reader."

By following a few simple tips, you can create more accessible web pages. To
help you get started, Web Communications and Disability Services have developed
an online resource, "Creating Accessible Web Pages." It is located at

In this site, you will find quick tips for accessible web sites, and links to
tools, training, and resources for creating pages for users with disabilities.
In the next few months, the campus will provide additional resources on
accessibility, including support for faculty creating online courses, and
templates to assist departments in creating accessible sites. In the meantime,
the information outlined in "Creating Accessible Web Pages" will help you learn
more and understand the simple steps that can make your site more accessible
for all.