Assignments for GEOG 4043/5043

Due dates and deadlines for all assignments are listed in the class schedule . where links to these assignments can also be found.

Specific instructions for this semester's class will be added to the following pages as needed.

Assignment 1: Creating a class website. Checklist for first pages.

Lab 1: Creating a Homepage Using Dreamweaver and SSH
Lab 2: Scanning and Editing Graphics;   PhotoShop and Scanning Hints
Lab 3: Linking Pages; Using Anchors; Creating tables Creating anchors, tables, and linking pages
Lab 4:Touch Sensitive Graphics and Animated GIFs; Frames 
Lab 5: JAVA applets and JavaScript scripts.  Self-Study Exercise: Adding Java Applets to Your Web Pages

Assignment 2: Mapping Lafayette's Architectural Heritage.  Grading rubric.

Draft Methodology for Lafayette Historic Preservation Project (in .doc format): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Assignment 3: Colorado Data Commons/CitizenAtlas project.  Grading rubric.

Piton Foundation, The Children's Corridor,
Piton Foundation,
About Fusion Tables,
Fusion Mapper with Sample Data,
Tutorials for Fusion Tables,
Link to sample files used in labs,

Assignment 4: Independent Project. Grading criteria for independent project.

Take-home Exam 1: Fall 2011 |

Take-home Exam 2: Fall 2011 |

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