Class 4303/5303
GIS Programming
This course introduces programming based on Python for Geoprocessing in ArcGIS. Basic concepts of object-oriented programming and scripting will be presented. Students will develop skills in programming techniques to explore, manipulate and model spatial data using the Geoprocessor methods. To create more flexible spatial modeling tools when working with the Geoprocessing Framework of ArcGIS exchange facilities between Python source code and models built with ModelBuilder will be presented. Moreover the course addresses method development based on raster data to go beyond the limitations of scripting thoughts. Thus students learn how to use Python as a full developing environment in addition to the set of Geoprocessing functionalities.
    Teacher & TA
Stefan Leyk
Gugg 201F
Jeremy M. Smith
    Class Handouts
 Week 1: Class1 Class2 Class3 
 Week 2: Class4 Class5
 Week 3: Class6 Class7 Class8
 Week 7/8: Class 19 Class 18
 Week 10: Class23  Class24
 Week 11: Proposal present.
 Week 12: Class26 Demo-Raster
 Week 13: Fall Break
 Week 14: Class27, Class28
 Week 15: Class29, Class30
Outline of the Course