Mountain Geography 3251: Term A Summer 2008
Instructor: Julie Malmberg
TA: Adriana Bailey

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Date Changes - revised June 19
Exam 1 - Key

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June 2:

Hamm Mountain

Longs Peak

Moere Mountain

Splash Mountain

June 3:
Web of Science
Earthquake Activity
Continental-Continental Convergence


Lithospheric Plates

Structure of the Earth

Continental-Continental Convergence

June 4:
Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Mountain Climates


Super Volcano

Range of Destruction from Yellowstone Eruption

Comparison of Yellowstone to other volcanoes

Crater Lake Caldera

Changes in temperature with altitude

Tectonic Plate Boundaries

June 5:

Current Boulder Weather
Current Earthquakes

Changes in temperature with altitude

Rain shadow

Mountain and Valley Breezes

Chinook Winds

Chinook Winds

Radiation Balance

Net Solar Radiation

Formation of rotor clouds

Rotor Clouds

Rotor Clouds

Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular Clouds

Even more lenticular clouds

June 9:

Alpine Plants


Cushion Plants

Krumholtz (flag tree)

Alpine Vegetatation Roots

June 10:
Landslide Video
Landslide Video
Mass Wasting Images

Open and closed stomate

Succulent Plants

Frost Action

Frost Action

Talus slopes

Talus slopes

Talus Slope

June 11:
Slab Avalanche
Slab Avalanche
Marshall Field Precip. Gauges

Slab Avalanche

Loose Snow Avalanche

Slush Avalanche

Snow Fences

Avalanche Barrier

Avalanche Deaths

NWS Precip Gauge

Precip. Gauge with Wind Shield



June 16

Mountain Top Removal

Open-pit Mine

Shaft Mining


Tailings Pond

Tailings Pond

Coal Seam Fire

Major Mines in Colorado

June 19

Quenual Tree (highest growing tree on record)

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Natural mist net (Old Man's Beard)

Coastal Rainforest


Soil Formation



More Terracing


June 20
Watch the movie Himalaya

June 23

Inca Empire

Inca Roads

Inca Roads

Inca Aqueducts

Inca Mummy

Tobas Dancer

Inca Panpipe

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu building

Intihuatana Stone

June 24
Hypoxia Training (20,000 ft - 25,000 ft)

Percentage of Oxygen with increasing altitude

Chest Size with increasing altitude

Red Blood Cells

Birth Weight with Increasing Altitude

Variations in core body temperature

Vasoconstriction of Blood Vessels

Vasoconstriction Table

Countercurrent Vessels

Countercurrent blood vessels in humans

Insulation and core temp

Epicanthal Fold

Andean man

Tibetan man

Himalayan Woman

June 26

Earthquake in China

Flash flood in Big Thompson Canyon

Climb to Safety

Flooding in Fort Collins

Possible climate change impacts on mountain vegetation