The Mackenzie Gas Pipeline
The Policy Landscape and the Road Forward


Mackenzie Pipeline Project Map. Click for 

larger image. Source: Mackenzie Pipeline Group, Preliminary Information Package.

Welcome to the policy portion of this Mackenzie Valley information site. This section discusses the policy decisions surrounding the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline over the last 25 years, starting with the Berger Inquiry of the 1970's, briefly describing changes since then, and finishing with a discussion of the regulatory process that the pipeline must undergo.

This site is the product of a graduate research seminar at the University of Colorado at Boulder, taught by Prof. Peter Blanken. This section was produced by Tind Shepper Ryen, a doctoral candidate in Environmental Studies. While great effort was put into ensuring the accuracy of the material herein, all errors or misrepresentations are the fault of the author's and do not represent the views of the University or other members of the Mackenzie Valley website project. Comments on this section are welcome and appreciated, and may be sent to ryen at

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