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Barbara P. Buttenfield

Department of Geography, University of Colorado - Boulder


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Publications with an asterisk (*) indicate publications with students.

This list shows selected publications within the past few years. For a complete listing, see my C.V.

   Bishop. A., Buttenfield, B.P. and Van House, N. (Eds.) 2004 Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

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   Leyk, S., Buttenfield, B.P. and Nagle, N. 2012 Modeling Ambiguity in Census Microdata Allocations to Improve Demographic Small Area Estimates.  Transactions in Geographic Information Science.  (in press)

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   Brewer, C.A. and Buttenfield, B.P. 2010 Mastering Map Scale: Balancing Workloads using Display and Geometry Change in Multi-scale Mapping. Geoinformatica 14(2):221 - 239. Open Access No. DOI 10.1007/s10707-009-0083-6.

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* Anderson_Tarver, C. * Gleason, M., Buttenfield, B.P., and Stanislawski, L.V. Automated Centerline Delineation to Enrich the National Hydrography Dataset.  Proceedings GIScience 2012 Columbus, Ohio: Springer LNCS 748: 15-28. (slides)    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-33024-7.

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*   Buttenfield, B.P. and Hultgren, T. 2005 Managing Multiple Representations of “Base Carto” Features: A Data Modeling Approach. Proceedings, AUTO-CARTO 2005, Las Vegas, NV. (paper)

Last modified 20 October 2012