The sections of this book provide valuable insights and advice on teaching for new faculty members. Section One has advice on topics relevant to the first year of teaching. Section Two contains essays by experienced teachers with practical teaching advice. Section Three explains the goals and methods of the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

For the full text please visit Getting Started: Idea Book on Pedagogy for New Faculty

List of Contents

Section One: Teaching Strategies

  • Student Feedback
  • Cognitive Development: The Work of William Perry
  • Women's Ways of Knowing
  • The Teaching Portfolio
  • The First Years of Teaching

Section Two: Essays on Teaching and Learning

  • Aloof Professors and Shy Students by Patricia Limerick
  • Teaching the Thundering Herd: Surviving in a Large Classroom by Charles R. Middleston
  • Active Learning in the University: An Inquiry into Inquiry by Marty Bickman
  • Facilitating Discussion by R.G. Billingsley
  • Professors, Students, and the Syllabus by Sharon Rubin
  • Quick Starters: New Faculty Who Succeed by Robert Boice
  • Fostering Diversity in the Classroom: Teaching by Discussion by R.G. Billingsley
  • Developing and Teaching an Inclusive Classroom by Deborah Flick
  • Fostering Diversity in a Medium-Sized Classroom by Brenda J. Allend
  • The Influence of Attidude, Feelings, and Behavior toward Diversity on Teaching and Learning by Lerita Coleman
  • The Nature and Problem of Stereotypes by William Wei

Section Three: The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program

  • Goals and Methods of the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
  • The Five Dimensions of Good Teaching
  • Services to Faculty
  • Faculty Consultation Series
  • Teaching Portfolio Consultation
  • Publications of the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
  • Research on Teaching
  • Toward Future Excellence
  • Pre-Course Questionnaire
  • Post-Course Questionnaire