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I am an undergraduate with excellent French skills. May I work as a tutor or lab assistant with the French Program?

Unfortunately, there is very little need for undergraduate tutors in the department. Students seeking a tutor in the department usually need a graduate student tutor, someone with teaching experience and detailed knowledge about the curriculum of French courses at CU. However, there are excellent opportunities for employment at CU outside of the French Dept.

  1. Contact the Tutor Coordinator with the Academic Support Assistance Program (ASAP) in Hallett Hall, Room 66, (303) 735-3303. They will give you an application and explain the details of this very successful tutoring program for undergraduates living in residence halls on campus. Currently, this job pays $9.50-$14/hr.
  2. Contact ALTEC, the Anderson Language Technology Center for foreign languages, located in Hellems 152 and Hellems 159 to find out about the possibilities for employment at this language lab facility.
Would your department have a reading knowledge course for graduate students?

We do offer a French reading course just for grad students each summer. The course is French 2120 and is designed for graduate students ONLY needing to fulfill their fourth semester language requirement.

After living in France for a year, I have picked up some French. I understand a lot but my grammar and vocabulary are horrible. I want to take a French class but don't want to waste a semester on a class that is too easy. What would you recommend?

There are 2 choices. One is French 1050, which is a 5 credit course and presents the most basic vocabulary and grammar. The other choice is French 2110 which reviews the most important grammar presented in 1050, the structures students always need to review. It also presents intermediate level vocabulary, a more sophisticated level than 1050.

What is the summer version of French 2120?

It is a reading/grammar course designed just for grad students. Students choose texts to read in their field of interest. A passing grade completes the CU grad school language requirement.

I am a German graduate student. Can I take French 1050 (Beginning French Review) with no previous French class experience?

Yes! It’s the perfect course for someone who has no prior knowledge of French but who knows another language.

I am a doctoral student and have a language requirement that I fulfill by successfully completing a 4th sem. language class.Would there be any problem with my taking the first 3 sem. of French pass/fail, and then taking the 4th semester for a grade?

No problem.

Is it possible to skip French 2 in high school, study independently over the summer, and be ready for CU's French 2110?

That is fine. When you take the Freshman orientation placement test, you will find out if you are ready for French 1020 or 2110.

I know some French. How can I find the right French class for me at CU?

Please go to the CU website at to take the online French placement test at your convenience. In just a few minutes you will learn which is the appropriate class for you.

Can any French courses for major/minor credit be taken pass/fail?

No. The only exception is courses transferred from accredited universities and courses taken on CU study abroad programs.

What summer course can high school students take that is equivalent to French 3?

French 2110. Be advised, however, of the big difference. High school French 3 usually meets 250 min./wk for 39 weeks. CU’s 2110 meets 150min./wk for 16 weeks. Both cover the same amount of material.

What courses can I take if I'm a native French speaker?

Fluent French speakers are prohibited from enrolling in 1000 and 2000 level French language courses.  Note: If you enroll in these courses you may be dropped by the department or by the course instructor. Check with the department or the course instructor for restrictions on upper-division courses (3000 and 4000 level).