Pre-filled spray bottles of cleaning/disinfecting solution and paper towels will be provided to building proctors for use in offices, labs or areas not routinely serviced by custodial staff. However, disinfecting and cleaning supplies are limited to resources available, and therefore empty bottles should be returned when replacements are ordered using the form below. There are not enough bottles to issue one to each office, hence the need for a check-out system facilitated by building proctors. Building proctors may complete the form to request an exchange of disinfectant bottle(s) and replenish the building's supply as needed. 

Disinfectant exchange orders will be filled on Wednesdays. Please place your order no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. Please place the empty bottle(s) in the area you have designated for your building's drop-off/pick-up location and notate this information within the form below.

  • For procedures on use of cleaner and disinfectant, including recommended PPE, please visit the FM cleaning and disinfectant protocols at: link under construction
  • Labs can request bottles of cleaner for their areas by contacting their building liaison/proctor and proctors will place the order using this form.
  • The cleaner on this form is for use by LABS ONLY; the cleaner does not serve as a disinfectant.
  •  Please order the additional hand sanitizer (also serves as a disinfectant) that RIO provided in your kits through your building liaison/proctor, not on this form. Thank you!
  • The bottles of disinfectant and cleaner are only for buildings/labs that fall under Facilities Management oversight.
  • If you are visiting this site from the UMC, Recreation Center,  Athletics or a Housing and Dining building, please reach out to your building manager or facilities maintenance call center for specific details regarding cleaning and disinfecting in your areas.

This is uncharted territory; therefore, the number of bottles needed each week is currently unknown. It will take some time to refine this process to accommodate each building's unique needs. Feel free to request as many bottles as needed until a pattern is established. We will factor in all requests; however, you may not receive the number initially requested as we need to ensure all buildings have an initial supply as we determine supply and demand. Thank you for your patience as we work through establishing this new program.

Please enter a phone number where you can be contacted.
Your speedtype will not be charged but it is needed for tracking purposes. Please enter your 8 digit speedtype with no spaces or dashes.
Please indicate where you will leave your empty bottles, we will replace them with a full bottle by leaving your order in this location when we pick up the empty ones.
Paper towels come in a 1000 foot roll.
Please note that this disinfectant product will also serve as a cleaner. Please indicate the number of bottles you anticipate you will need for the week below. Disinfectant: Coastwide Lemon DC Plus, approved on EPA list N (EPA registration #47371-131-86226) for COVID-19 disinfection safety data sheet (SDS): Coastwide Lemon DC Plus Disinfectant
LABS ONLY: Please note: this cleaner is for lab use only; this cleaner does not serve as a disinfectant. Indicate the number of bottles of cleaner you will need for the week below. Lab cleaning solution safety data sheet (SDS): Coastwide Neutral 64 Multi-Use Cleaner
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