This page includes important information and impacts related specifically to campus mail on campus due to evolving campus operations.

Updated: August 4, 2020

Student/On-Campus Housing Mail

  • The UPS store in Cheyenne Arapaho Hall will close at 2 p.m. on March 28, with all mail from this location being routed to the Kittredge location until further notice.
  • The Kittredge and Village Center UPS stores remain open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays

  • Students’ USPS mail will automatically be forwarded to their permanent addresses on file for 90 days. To have mail forwarded to another address, students can submit a request two ways:
    • Go the UPS Store where you receive mail and speak directly with one of the front counter associates
    • Send the UPS Store an email at with the student’s full name and new address. In the subject line, write: Change of Address.
  • UPS will forward all first-class mail and parcels for 90 days. Pre-sorted standard and non-profit mail will be recycled. 
  • If students receive mail from carriers other than USPS (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, etc.), they can request the following options:
    • Pay to have the package forwarded to the student’s address.
    • Pick up the package at The UPS Store.
    • Have the package returned to sender.
    • If no action is taken, the package will automatically be returned to sender within several weeks of being received by The UPS Store.

The campus has not made any changes that would impact mail or package delivery for students living in a Graduate and Family Housing unit. If residents are experiencing delayed mail delivery, they are encouraged to work with the shipping company as some companies have altered their national delivery protocols.

  • Students must return their mailbox key to the UPS Store within seven days of moving out.
  • Students should return the mailbox key to the UPS Store where the student’s mailbox is located during their operating hours, and bring their Buff OneCard. Failure to return the key will result in a $45 lock change fee.
  • Do NOT turn in mailbox keys to residence hall staff. Return it only to The UPS Store.
  • If you left campus and forgot to return your mailbox key:
    • Use a bubble mailer (or other thick envelope) as keys can tear through regular paper envelopes.
    • Include a note with the key with your name, mailbox number and name of residence hall.
    • Send to: The UPS Store, Attn: Key Return, 2480 Kittredge Loop Drive, Boulder, CO 80310

Faculty/Staff/Department Mail

Effective Tuesday, Aug. 25:

  • The Distribution Center is open for curbside pickup or delivery of mail and packages Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    • The Distribution Center is located at 3300 Walnut St., Unit B; entry to the parking lot is off of 33rd Street.
  • FedEx, DHL and other packages are being delivered to the Distribution Center.
  • You can track packages on our tracking webpage.
  • The Distribution Center is resuming deliveries of mail and packages for some departments by request. Call 303-492-6524 to make arrangements.

Picking up or dropping off a letter or package

  • Please provide at least 30 minutes advance notice of your pick-up by scheduling a mail and package pick up with the Appointment Scheduling Form.
  • For special circumstances, or if you have questions or concerns, please call our main number (303 492-6524).
  • When arriving at the Distribution Center, wait in your vehicle outside, call our main number and your mail and packages will be brought out to your vehicle.
  • Outbound mail and packages can be dropped off at the Distribution Center. Please call our main number when you arrive and we will come to your vehicle to assist you.

With campus operations scaling down in most campus buildings due to COVID-19, the Distribution Center will also be modifying operations for distribution of mail and packages, including UPS packages.

Modifications to distribution processes were made due to campus efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through physical distancing and remote work arrangements.

Our aim is to ensure that departments can still access mail and packages in a timely, consistent and efficient manner while still achieving the goals of campus’s preventative measures that are in place.

In recent days, we’ve encountered:

  • Locations where we usually deliver mail where no one is available to receive it. In particular, many dropoff locations are front desks where we would prefer not to leave mail as it may be unattended for several days at a time.
  • With modified building access protocols, there are some dropoff locations we have been unable to access for deliveries.

Special arrangements can be made for critical research items that are time-sensitive or have a short shelf-life. Please call the Distribution Center at 303-492-6524 to discuss arrangements for such deliveries.

Please fill out the Mail and Package Services Request Form to arrange for a pickup or call our main number in advance to schedule a drop off.

You can check on our tracking webpage to see whether the Distribution Center has received your packages.

These packages will be handled in the same manner as mail and other packages outlined above.

Fed-Ex, DHL and other packages are also now being delivered to the Distribution Center. Please fill out the Appointment Scheduling Form for pickups.